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Dr. Sagar Gopale

About Me

As one of the most renowned dentist by profession in the region, I am actively serving the society from past 9 years. Looking to expand opportunity in various sectors, I have helped thousands of people in the region with best health care services, fitness training, personal motivation speaking, and counselling. Foundar of Eite Professional's club, Rotational Library of Motivational Books, and Sunday Treakers Club, I am also a proud member of some socially active groups and organizations including Rotary Club Sangamner. My aim is to serve a society to become a better place to live.

I belive, being in a positive state has significant impact on your motivation, productivity, and wellbeing. Break big goals down into little pieces. Rather than only allowing your brain to celebrate when you’ve hit the big finish line, you can create a series of little finish-lines for frequent dopamine release. Every life has a purpose. This place is designed to help you find it. Ignite your personal power by discovering your greatest strengths. Put yourself on the road to success. Your success largely depends on your ability to ignite the fire within you. If you have a true vision, it will motivate you to do whatever necessary to see it realized. There's no magic pill to success. You'll have to force your luck if you truly want to be successful. You can have everything you could possibly imagine, but if you're not happy, everything you possess is not worth a dime.

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What Pepole Say

Dr. Uday Joshi

"Dr. Sagar made us feel inspired by his energy and knowledge about motivation. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with Dr. Sagar. He inspired us to use the art of living! Thank you for reminding us to take care of ourselves and the importance of being creative in all aspects of our lives."

Mr. Gopal Rathi

"I am very happy to get connected with Dr. Sagar. His services helped me achieve personal as well as business goals. I would highly recommend Dr. Sagar for their services. Dr. Sagar really understands the situation and provide the right kind of guidance. I am lucky to have someone like him as a mentor by my side."

Dr. Shyam Durgude

"His presentation was motivating, entertaining and thought provoking. His facilitation skills are very evident with a good blend of humor, responsiveness and subtle guidance to capture the interest of the audience and focus the discussions. Dr. Sagar’s experience and expertise make him a superb speaker."